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Live Music for Any Party

From an 19 piece Orchestra filling the dancefloor for 1400 guests, to a funky Party Band for your 75 special guests at your 40th birthday party, to the most sophisticated concert level music entertaining guests at a product launch, or to an inspired theme night, or the coolest intelligent music for your guests at a product launch… in fact any type of event, that needs brilliant music, from professional and inspired talent, led by intuitive bandleader.

Just contact us, with a few details, and you will be closer to having the band you need at your event.


Xtatic is an established, and successful collective of musicians and singers,

whose collective credits have been: West End musicals, Incognito, ABC, Ealing jazz Festival, Allan Holdsworth, Elaine Page, Ronnie Scotts, Toyota, Gosvenor House, the Diorchester,  Beverly Knight, Tom Jones, and corporate events in Barcelona, Dubai, Frankfurt

We produce music that will be exactly right for your party, with existing huge repertoire, or something totally bespoke.

Talk to us and we will get the perfect format for you. Click here to look at the options. Have a look at the gallery and videos.


This is not an agency site.

Wedding video

Sample Tracks

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